The Pit: The Board Game!

Created by Kerberos Productions

4-Player Cooperative Dungeon Crawler in an Epic Sci-Fi Universe! Inspired by the cult classic video game!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

MIA Megalomaniacs
1 day ago – Fri, May 24, 2019 at 11:33:00 AM

We have been in contact with most of our Megalomaniac backers, but we are having trouble reaching a couple. If you are a Megalomaniac backer and we haven't spoken to you about your custom figures, please email us at - we will continue to try and reach you, and we hope to get your personalized figures completed asap!

While you're all here, a short update / non-update about the game. We know a few of you are looking at our estimated delivery date and wondering if the game is still being made. That's fair - a little early, maybe, but we understand the concern. We've backed games and gotten burned, so we get it. But the game is still getting made! It's taking longer than we anticipated (first game, lessons learned), but we haven't stopped.

In the meantime, Megalomaniacs, please contact us! We want to put your face on our player figures!

The set-up and proofing process continues
about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 11:37:28 AM

Hello All.

Just a quick note - it may seem odd to report on another campaign, but we knew that our second game, Planetary Control, was always going to move through the manufacturing process faster than The Pit. It's a much simpler and smaller game. And while this may be a bit frustrating at first (both for you waiting for your copy and us waiting to see the final product), Planetary Control has been a bit of a boon, as it's allowed us to learn up in many ways without having to put The Pit at risk. We made some stumbles with PC that we're glad we didn't have to learn on the much larger and more complex Pit.

We figured that until we have something tangible, something photographable, to show you all that things are progressing, we thought we'd quickly show you that we've made it out the other side successfully with The Pit's kid brother and we'll soon be able to show you the same for The Pit.

As always, everybody's interest in how things are going is much appreciated - stay tuned! As always, we can be emailed directly at or comments can be made here and we'll follow up. If you have questions or just want to check in on things, please let us know.

1/10 as many cards and way less pieces than The Pit, Planetary Control is now a reality as it moves from this test sample into full production.!
1/10 as many cards and way less pieces than The Pit, Planetary Control is now a reality as it moves from this test sample into full production.!

Hey, where we at?
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 04:36:09 PM

Quick update - We underestimated the time required to get our art files prepped for the factory, making sure they have all the files needed, and we're awaiting the single test print they send for review before full production. As a result, and as a few of you have asked about, our initial estimate (based on a general timeline when we first sought production quote before starting the campaign and the feedback of other Kickstarted game developers we talked to) has slipped. But, the good news is we're still moving ahead pretty well for first-time boardgame creators. 

There has been some back and forth with the manufacturer on a few clarifications and other matters, at which point the game making will begin and we will be better able to revise our timeline. One thing to our advantage is that this first run of copies isn't a large one, relatively.

So, as ever, thank you for your patience and we'll update you on when we expect fulfillment to be complete soon.

Outside of the base game, we have been looking for an online, key-based system to distribute the 3D models that come with the upper tier pledges and we finally have that sorted - we'll be emailing out keys in the next couple of weeks.

Also, the handful of people that opted for the Megalomaniac pledges - the ones where you get custom figs with your head on them - their figs are nearly complete. Some are done, a few people we're still working with on their likeness. See below for one example that is currently complete.

Stay tuned for an update on the timeline in a couple of weeks!

Step One: Put someone's head on a SolForce body
Step One: Put someone's head on a SolForce body
Step Four: A little extra hardening on the UV lamp
Step Four: A little extra hardening on the UV lamp

Welcome to 2019!
4 months ago – Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 12:19:00 AM

Hello all and a Happy New Year!

A new year in which it's time to start with the updates again, after a month's break over the holidays. Shortly, we will be able to start updating more specifics - one thing  we've always liked about other campaigns we've seen and backed is when they bring you inside the process, showing you as many steps along the  way as possible. As best we can (we're still learning lots of interesting things as we move The Pit through production), we want to  bring you along for the ride.

Besides overseas production, we are also working on the bespoke player figures from the Megalomaniac level pledges - we'll try and share a few peeps of that work as well.

Steam keys were sent out before the holidays - if you have not gotten your Steam key as per your pledge, contact us, we'll set things straight.

And finally, our figure designer has posted a set of alternate Scout minis at Thingiverse, for those of you into 3D printing.

We're very excited, as we're sure you are, to see The Pit go from so many prototypes to a final production box set. Stay tuned!

Your Steam Key Is Ready!
7 months ago – Mon, Nov 05, 2018 at 11:57:30 PM


Greetings Backers! We've had an interesting fall so far, and it's time for an Update on this project to let you know how everything is going so far.


1. We Have a Steam Key for You!

The majority of our Backers supported this project at the $5 Pledge and above, which means that all of you are entitled to a free copy of Sword of the Stars: The Pit. Since we're using BackerKit for fulfillment, we've been working on the Digital Download system of their site to provide you all with an individual Steam Key to download the game for free.

There were some complications with the site's Digital Download suite last week, but as of today we seem to have it sorted. You should have received an email today which will lead you to your personal code.



2. The Engineer Bundle is Complete!

3D Artist John Yakimow has completed the full set of models for our Engineer Pack of printable 3D files! We are currently doing a final run of test-prints to be sure that they are easy to use for home printers, but in general we're confident that every miniature is ready to print and play!

We will be looking at the best way to package those files for download and set it up soon. All of our Backers who have the Engineer Bundle should expect to have the files soon, and be able to start whipping up armies of Bots, Bats, Bears, Proteans and Zuul very soon!

It also means that we'll be reaching out shortly to our Megalomaniac backers to work on their individualized minis. If any of them give us permission to share the creative process on those, we definitely will! But only if they're comfortable, obviously.

3. The Big Step To Manufacturing Begins Soon!

We are the final phases of pre-production with our manufacturer in China. On our end, that means that every miniature, card, and component has to be carefully checked! We want this game to arrive on your doorstep as perfect as we can make it.



4. We Also Have Some Video Games Out This Month!

In the last two weeks, Kerberos has released two video games on Steam for the first time. The first is Pit Of Doom, our FPS/Roguelike hybrid made in the Unreal Engine. We've released the game for Early Access players this week, with a low starting price of $9.99. In the months to come, we'll be adding more exciting features on our way to the final release version of the game--including 4-player co-operative play, crafting, biomes, and the Final Floor. As time goes on, the price of the game will increase, so now is a good time to get a bargain!

Incidentally, if you have your Steam Key for Sword of the Stars: The Pit already activated, you can get Pit of Doom for a steep 35% Launch Discount by selecting the Pit Pack Bundle.


Fort Zombie returns from the grave!
Fort Zombie returns from the grave!


We also made one of our older games available on Steam. Fort Zombie was first released in 2009, and for several years was available only on three obscure download sites around the Internet. When they shut down the last available venue for purchase a few years ago, the community of fans and modders started to send us emails and chat messages asking for a place to get a clean legal copy. 

We investigated and found that we could offer it on Steam, so we've packaged up the legacy code from 2009 to make it available to the community. We set it at the lowest possible price and stuck a launch discount on it as well, to wish our players a Happy Halloween.

 Many thanks to everyone who supported and loved our weird little experimental game over the years. We love you guys.


That's It For Now!

Thanks for listening, and please contact us if you have any issue with your Steam code this week. In the meantime, thank you all for your support!